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22 Short & Sweet Leadership Principles

Posted by Ronda Conger on
22 Short & Sweet Leadership Principles

Are you listening? Really listening? There are messages and lessons around us even on a date night. Yes, another movie blog but you don't want to miss these leadership quotes from the movie, Eddie The Eagle. 

Brian Dodd helped us on this one, 22 Leadership Quotes And Principles From Eddie The Eagle:

  1. Great Books Inspire People – Charlie Tremendous Jones once said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  As a young boy, Eddie of inspired by a book entitled Moments Of Glory.  He wanted his own moment of glory.
  2. Leaders Give People A Sense Of Direction And Purpose – Eddie’s father Terry said, “Name me one British ski jumper.”  To which Eddie answered, “Me.”
  3. Great Leaders Tell The Story Of Others And Give Them A Platform – Terry, trying to realistic but certainly not supportive, said, “It’s a world that doesn’t want to know you.”
  4. Leadership Is Marked By Your Courage – As Eddie would look up at the height of the ski jumps and then at the distance below, his drive for significance eclipsed his fear of failure…and death.
  5. If You’re Not Dead You’re Not Done – Most Olympic ski jumpers began when they were 6 years old.  Eddie began at 22 years old.
  6. Everyone Gets Better With Coaching – Eddie told his potential coach Bronson Peary, played by Hugh Jackman, “I’ve plateaued.  Without your help I’m not going to get any better.”
  7. Leaders Never Have To Recover From A Good Start – Peary told him, “The foundation of any jump is the takeoff.”
  8. The Life Cycle Of A Ski-Jumper – Love – Bruises – Breaking Bones – Coffin.  I just found this interesting from a leadership perspective.
  9. Great Leaders Never Quit – Peary’s former coach, Warren Sharp played by Christopher Walken, wrote in his book, “A true Olympian is not a God-given skill set.  It is never giving up.”
  10. Smart Leaders Develop A Funding Strategy – Dreams die because of a lack of funding.  Sponsorships often make the financial difference between the success and failure of an Olympic athlete.
  11. Parents Make An Incredible Financial Investment In The Future Success Of Their Child(ren) – Edwards’s wonderful mother Janette was a continual source of encouragement and often sold everything for Eddie to pursue his dream of making the Olympic team.
  12. Great Leaders Always Have Something To Prove – Eddie said, “I needed my own moment.  A moment to prove them all wrong.”
  13. Great Leaders Pay A Price Others Are Unwilling To Pay – Peary said, “I can get you you’re moment but it’s going to hurt.”
  14. The Comparison Game Is One You Will Never Win – In defiance to the fellow jumpers and their coaches, Peary shouted after a jump of over 40 meters, “Personal best and we’re a disgrace.”
  15. Great Leaders Have Proper Focus – Peary taught Eddie to remain “focused, not tense.”
  16. Smart Leaders Make Good Choices – Eddie told his doubting coach, “I’d rather be a sober fool than a drunken coward.”
  17. Leaders Worth Remembering Bring People Joy – After completing his first jump, Eddie’s impromptu celebration won over the crowd.  Many leaders can make money, increase shareholder value, or meet a monthly number.  Few bring people joy.
  18. There Is A Difference Between Sensing Opportunity And Seizing It – The stodgy British Olympic Association wanted to squash the media frenzy surrounding Eddie The Eagle.  Meanwhile, their press secretary had enough sense to capitalize on it.
  19. Don’t Be Fooled.  Great Leaders Have A Chip On Their Shoulder – Eddie said, “I love jumping nearly as much as I love proving people wrong.”
  20. There Is A Difference Between Activity And Accomplishment – Eddie told the media, “I did not come here as a novelty act and I will not be going home as one.”
  21. Smart Leaders Always Maintain A Healthy Sense Of Respect – Sharp said, “You’re never bigger than the hill.”
  22. Leaders Get The Job Done – A British announcer concluded his broadcast of Eddie’s final jump by proclaiming, “The Eagle has landed.”

Once again, Eddie The Eagle is a wonderfully, inspiring movie and we advise you to take the whole family to see it! 

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