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Genshai Life Mastery

Posted by Ronda Conger on
Genshai Life Mastery
GENSHAI, GEN-Shy - never treat another person in a manner that will make him feel small. - Kevin Hall, Aspire

Have you read Aspire by Kevin Hall? It's on our book list and is a definite must read. We recently were blessed with an invitation to his Genshai Life Mastery Conference in January and we have to say... it was life changing! The people, the surroundings, the inspiration...we had to share our main take-a-ways and yes, it's a worksheet!

Four things to be Grateful for and Recognize Daily

  1. Journal your PATH daily -
    1. People who appear on my Path to help me fulfill my Purpose
    2. Actions taken on Aspirations and Opportunities
    3. Thoughts that help me create a life of Meaning and Significance
    4. Happiest Moments and Memories
  2. Always carry 2 books with you.. the one you are writing and the one you are reading.
  3. You leave behind your thoughts.  Like leaves on a tree, when the time comes, you drop and disappear, but your thoughts will remain.

To find your purpose, journal when you recognize you are happy.  Ask, and then write about, these 3 questions:

1. How can I bring more joy into my life each day? ___________________________________________________________________
2. How can I become greater at what I’m greatest at? ___________________________________________________________________
3. How can I best serve others with my greatness? __________________________________________________________________


LOVE is always the answer. When in doubt, ask - What would love do?

Everyday we get a chance to have a new beginning, no matter what has happened. We have a choice. Never, ever, ever let someone else decide, for you, what you can or cannot dream. Dreams are free, so free your dreams.

Write down your biggest dream.

  1. ___________________________________________________________________


Your biggest dream. Seem so far out of reach? Just think you have the power to achieve it! Want more of Genshai Life Mastery - KEEP READING! Here's what else we took away! 

Power of the Heart: I commit to making my life, in the next year, totally unrecognizable.

  • When you engage your heart it is 100x more powerful than the mind. It's where the magic comes from. Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  • 4 rules to live by: 1) Be PRECISE 2) Be PROMPT 3) Be INTENTIONAL 4) PLAY FULL OUT
  • Say “Thank you” and “I accept and I receive”.
  • Sunrise AFFIRMATIONS:  3x in the morning and at night… I am worthy, I am capable and able, I trust myself, I forgive myself and others, I am abundant.
  • LOVE is always the answer. Ask - What would love do? Every word, every thought creates your future.  Watch what you speak over your life and your future.

Power of VisionI am light. I am love. I am present. We are one. Thank you.

  • 3 principles: 1) You need to find your purpose. 2) Humor - you have to laugh, smile, and make light of certain situations. 3) You need to have a superior support system.
  • Don’t focus on success.  Focus on contribution, serving and sharing. What you give you get, your birthright is abundance. 
  • If you had a chance to share your message with the world what would your heart say? What would you say?


Power of ActionFocus on the music and not the construction.

  • Dream outside the box more than other people believe you should.
  • When you have adversity you will also have a gift that is equal or better.
  • Comparison is the thief of all joy. The abundance mindset says incredible, congrats, and celebrates others’ achievements.
  • People matter.  Things don’t.

Those 3 days we're jam packed with knowledge, power, but most importantly, how to be a better you. It's about looking inside, finding what you love and giving back. 

Kevin Hall, we thank you for this eye opening, inspirational journey you took us on. 


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  • Julie Larson on

    I always enjoy reading the thoughts and insights you share as you journey on your path… what an incredible experience to have joined with Kevin for one of his life mastery classes – you are both in my book of greats!!! Such a blessing you are to others Ronda. <3

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