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Finish Your Day Strong

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Everyone preaches about the morning and how important the beginning of your day is. But what about the end of your day? Yes, there’s even a strategy on how to finish your day strong and set yourself up for success for the next morning. This can be just as important as starting your day right! From our friends at Lifehack, here’s 7 Powerful Things Successful People Do At The End Of Each Day by Matt Okeefe:


1. They don’t have any big decisions left to make.

Decision fatigue is a real thing, and should be avoided at all costs. As you make more and more choices, your ability to make good decisions steadily deteriorates over the course of the day. Successful people know that if they wake up in the morning, their biggest decisions should be made before the end of the afternoon. 


2. They cross every last item off their to-do lists.

Successful people tend to have some way of monitoring their success. One way to keep track of productivity is to keep a to-do list. The successful people of the world are the types to have every single task checked off before they hit the hay. 


3. They wrap things up.

More than just with to-do lists, successful people have pretty much everything taken care of that can be taken care of before the day’s end. You should do the same. For example, don’t leave conversations hanging when they can be resolved. If things like that are wrapped up in a bow by the time you shut your eyes, you’ll have a smoother transition into the next day.


4. They get organized for the next day.

Successful people complete their todays by preparing for their tomorrows. Make sure you know what the next day’s schedule is so that you don’t wake up to any unpleasant surprises.


5. They eat smart.

Successful people carefully consider their diet, especially when it comes to what they consume before they go to bed. The number one dietary productivity killer is caffeine late at night. Having a late night soda will cause you to sleep restlessly, stemming your potential for the next day. Also avoid having too much sugar, fried foods and alcohol to start off on a good foot.


7. They have a bedtime.

This is a hard thing to hear for many, but successful people often go to bed at the same time every night. An erratic sleep schedule means you won’t know when or where you’ll be most productive, giving you less control over the efficiency of your day. Pick a time to go to bed and a time to wake up and stick to them to be among the extremely successful.


Be successful all day long by starting your day off right and finishing the same way. Being a better human is about winning your day, every day, all day. You can be successful overnight, said no one ever. Yes, success takes time and practice but we’re here for you, because it is, ‘a full time job’. 

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