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New Job?! Don't worry, you can be yourself!

Posted by Ronda Conger on

We've all been there. First day of a new job and you're FREAKED, nervous and hopefully excited. Thoughts running through your head like, what are they thinking of me, I want to be amazing, or when can I go to the bathroom? Okay, we really hope that last one doesn't stay in your thoughts for very long... Really?! GET UP AND GO!

Matt Hearnden let's us in on some work tips in his article on Life Hack, 26 Things I've Learned Since Entering The Work World. Don't think that these tips are just for newbies - even old dogs can learn new tricks! Here are a few of our faves below:

    • If you want something, make it happen

    • Enjoying what you do is the most important thing about a job

    • Think twice before you press “Reply All”

    • Be proud when you do something well

    • Pick up the phone / go speak to someone

    • Be you

That's right, be yourself. If you plan on staying with the company for some time (if you're not, then why are you there now?) - there's no better time to start being yourself than here, right now! Speak up, laugh, and be you. 

Do you agree? What will you do differently at work? It's time to start being a better human because it's always a work in progress!

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