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Get your tiny habit on!

Posted by Ronda Conger on


Quick - list 3 things you want to start doing on a daily basis! Maybe it's crunches, drinking more water, or flossing... Now, how will you make these a daily habit? 

Good news - Professor B.J. Fogg has come up with a new strategy to change your life. It's called, Tiny Habits. He's studied human behavior for 20 years and here's what he's learned. 3 things will change your behavior for the long term:

  1. You have an epiphany. (how many of those have you had in a life time?)
  2. Change your environment.
  3. Take baby steps.

Which led him to a tiny habit. I mean, how many times have you had an epiphany?! Here are his 3 baby steps to help you create a tiny habit courtesy of Success Magazine's Tiny Habit article:

The road to any desired behavior—say, increasing productivity on the weekends, making more sales calls or eating healthier—can be jump-started with three baby steps:
1. Start small. “Pick a small step toward your goal—a step so tiny, you’ll think it’s ridiculous,” Fogg says. Because it’s radically easy, you’re more likely to actually complete the behavior, regardless of how much or how little motivation you feel.
2. Find an anchor. Choose an existing routine in your life to act as a trigger for your new behavior. Parking your car, brushing your teeth or taking a shower are all routines that can act as great anchors to trigger a new habit. “Whether you realize it or not, you have all sorts of routines,” Fogg says. “I call these anchors that you can connect to your tiny behavior. The key is to pick which routine is the right trigger for your small, simple behavior.”
The blueprint for your new behavior should complete the following sentence: After I (routine), I will (tiny behavior).
Part of good behavior design is evaluating which existing routines to use as anchors for new habits. 
3. Celebrate immediately. In building a habit, it helps to reward yourself in positive ways that are as small as your tiny behaviors themselves—give yourself a thumbs-up, a smile in the mirror, or tell yourself good job! “Notice how often athletes celebrate and when they do it—immediately,” Fogg says.


Google Tiny Habits and see all the success stories that people have had. Yes, IT WORKS! So what will you turn into a tiny habit?

Tell us, what worked for you and how you've changed your daily routine! Also, sign up for Fogg's 5 Day Session to creating a Tiny Habit, .

We'll never stop improving, you shouldn't either!


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