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Get out of the rut!

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Ever have a fabulous idea but don't know where to start? Maybe you lose your momentum on it after a few weeks, whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!

Get out of your rut with this crucial step - ask yourself, "what's my end goal?", then create that in a visual.

What does that mean 'create it in a visual'? Let's say you want to redo your backyard but you keep losing momentum or don't have any motivation, print a picture of the yard you want and put it where you'll see it, A LOT! You want to be on the cover of Success Magazine, tape a picture of you on the cover. You want a raise, create a check with your raise on it. Reminding yourself daily of what you want and your end goal is the key. 

How does this help? Michael Hyatt in his blog How to Jumpstart a Stuck Project will explain:

  1. It makes it real. It’s easy for our dreams to live in our heads. But there are a million distractions that can pull our minds this way and that over the course of days, weeks, and months. Suddenly, that project we wanted to finish is fuzzy or even forgotten.

    When we create something visual, it gives shape to our dreams. It becomes a realthing, not just a thought. And the more compelling the visual, the more we can emotionally connect with the the project, which leads into the second advantage.

  2. It ignites passion. I connect with my work at a very emotional level. The work I do fires me up. Visualization enables me to focus that energy around a particular project.

    When we realize our dreams, we get excited. But we can get a jolt of that power supply on the front end by creating something that helps us visualize the end product. It’s a way to connect with the passion we need to get started and stay the course.

  3. It sparks creativity. A powerful visual can get our creative juices going like nothing else. Why? Because our minds are always working.

    When we face a problem, our minds try to find the answer even when we’re not consciously working on it. That’s why we get such killer ideas when we’re relaxed. If we create an emotionally engaging visual, it will spur our subconsciouses to work even if we’re distracted. The image works like magnet, pulling our thoughts back to the project.

  4. It forces clarity. Sometimes our procrastination on a project means we don’t adequately understand it yet. It’s hard to take a step when you don’t know what you’re moving toward.

    When we take the trouble to craft a visual, we’re forcing ourselves define what we’re after, and that clarity leads has benefits for not only how we start, but how we stay on track.

  5. It defines a path. If I can’t define the goal, there’s no way I’ll find the way to reach it. But once I have clarity on the target, the path to get there usually emerges.

    When we create a compelling visual, it’s like creating the road signs we need to reach our destination. This happens two ways. First, the clarity we get helps create the kind of internal logic that light’s our path. And second, it enables us to eliminate dead ends.

  6. It encourages positivity. Scroll back to the list of examples at the start. Each one of those projects had its own reasons I found it hard to get going. In fact, a few felt more than hard. But creating the visual changed the dynamic for me—and does so every time I try it.

    When we’re after something real, that we’re passionate about, that sparks our creativity, that we’ve clearly defined, and that we know how to reach, it’s easy to stay positive about the journey. And it’s not only easy to start, but it’s easier to keep going as well.


Don't get lost in your idea of greatness! Visualize your goal and watch everything fall into place! 


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