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7 daily habits to make you smarter!

Posted by Ronda Conger on
7 daily habits to make you smarter!

It's one of those questions everyone says "yes" to.

Do you want to be smarter?

If you didn't respond with a resounding, loud, passionate, "YES", then you might be on the wrong blog. For those of you who are in it to win it, you're going to love this! 

7 daily habits to make you smarter.

The good thing about knowledge is that you can build on it and it's a never ending process. Don't worry about the big picture, focus on the progress that's made. These things if done daily will make you smarter, just ask The Mission.

  1. Get curious! Ask and question everything. Questions lead us to more questions and expand our mind to the different possibilities, options, answers. It's easy, just don't stop asking why. Even question yourself; why'd you get that answer, where did those numbers come from, why did they do it that way. A new question brings a new outlook, which potentially changes everything we know about the world.
  2. Try new things. It may be hard but getting out of your comfort zone is good for you! If you don't change your strategy, you will always get the same result. New experiences can open you up and connect to other areas in your life. Try purposefully breaking a habit, whether it's driving a different way to work, brushing your teeth with the opposite hand, or ordering something different from your favorite restaurant. These experiences may show you something you never knew or you may learn new things about yourself. Don't do what you've always done.
  3. See a different perspective. Other cultures may seem almost alien but they are here, so they must be doing something right. Study them, see how they do things. See their perspective and get out of your own way of thinking. Be open to discussing their worldviews, and don't be afraid to get a little crazy. You know, read something about a topic you normally wouldn't. It's natural to keep learning about things you already know to reinforce your current beliefs. So step outside of your own worldview and embrace new knowledge.
  4. Write this down. Reading is a must, but you can retain the knowledge, reflect and review it later on if you write it down. Now, you can organize and see the patterns of success. Another plus, sharing it with others. You've read it, you took notes, and now you're repeating it back to others. What better way to learn and retain the information? 
  5. Never stop learning. Education isn't about sitting in a classroom at a University. It could be reading a book, magazine, blog, watching a documentary, talking to an expert, and so much more. Self-education is key to success and learning. What do you want to know more about? Find multiple sources of information about this topic and LEARN! Constant learning will get most of your questions answered. 
  6. Curiosity Exercise. This one's good. Get your pen and paper out. Start writing down questions, any kind of question. Whether it's how do I make more money, why is the sky blue, or what does healthy mean to me. Get a good list, aim for 50. Once you've got it, can you find a pattern or common theme in your list? Maybe you're concerned about money, love, politics. Based on your common concerns, pick 10 questions that are most important to you. Once you have this, you can use this on anything you want to improve. 
  7. Bring on the Genius. Tip #1, just start. By reading this, your well on your way. Take the first step. Ask questions. Be curious. Try new things. Be productive. Live free. Don't worry. Move, make, create, DO! And watch the genius come to life. 

Ready to conquer more? Read the full Mission article here.

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