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13 Life Lessons I Learned From the Movie The Martian

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Have you seen the movie The Martian? If not, go see the movie right now. If yes, what did you take away?

I am in love with this movie and the lessons I learned.  I was taking notes like a mad woman. Greatness is around us at all times - are you paying attention? 

My movie watching rules are as follows - finish your popcorn and raisinettes before the trailers begin. Once the trailers start, stop talking, watch the trailers (all of them), and have your phone ready to take notes during the movie. During the movie, sit back and enjoy. And learn something already!

The Martian is POWERFUL

Here are the 13 lessons we all could learn/need from the movie: 

  1. You must believe in yourself and then you must NEVER stop believing. 
  2. Have a Plan B, Plan C, Plan D and so on. 
  3. Be really smart. 
  4. When you give a time frame to complete a job... you can do better.  Give more effort.
  5. Ship it even if it's not perfect.
  6. Look at the horizon every day. Be thankful you're alive.
  7. No regrets.
  8. Fight to live.
  9. Use all the brain power surrounding you. It's gonna take the whole damn team.
  10. Leave no man behind.
  11. It takes a lot of WORK to have success.
  12. Become a teacher and share all you have learned and your knowledge.
  13. Life comes down to the ability to keep solving problems.
Better human starts today.  Let's go.
Ronda Conger

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