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Currently on our nightstand...

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Everyone has that issue... that common problem... never enough hours in a day.

Our most precious asset - TIME!

What's currently on our nightstand: Laura Vanderkam, I Know How She Does It

It's what everyone wants, more time. More time with loved ones, more time for work, more time for yourself! You can have it all, at least we think so and so does Laura. 

Ronda agrees, it's not about cutting it's about balance. Here's what she practices daily:

-          Work together. Sunday afternoons, my kids and I work together on the dining room table.  I do my inbox, they do their homework.
-          Get up early. Be ready before the kids get up so you can make them breakfast and visit with them while they eat. It’s my son’s favorite thing.
-          Schedule date nights. One of the most important things you can do for your marriage.
-          Capitalize your alone time/their busy time. I work extra hours when my family is busy doing other things like a sports practice or my husband has a late meeting.
-          Divide and conquer. My husband and I split our mornings.  I do some, he does some. Remember we’re a team.
-          Delegate. Laundry, cleaning, errands – delegate them. I have part time help with house and small errands.  I would rather enjoy my family then do laundry.  Worth every penny.
Be focused with your time and your energy.  You can have it all.  Plan your days, plan your life.  Nothing else will do.


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