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Upworthy & Being a Better Human

Posted by Ronda Conger on

When we stumbled across this site - we couldn't help but be captivated by their pictures and headlines. But what REALLY caught our attention? Their category on Being A Better Human.

Check it out - collects massive amounts of meaningful, informational, down right good reads on anything thats worthy to them, as in things that matter, across the globe. However, our favortie category - Being a Better Human. Here's a sampling from them: 

Some of the titles seem a little kooky - like, 'I spent a day asking people what makes them mad.' The conclusion, however crazy the title seems, is always eye opening or asks a deeper question. Pendarvis Harshaw realized that people didn't really get mad at big worldly things but more at other people. They got mad at people hurting their feelings, lying to them, and how people treat people. 

His final thought: 

People. That’s the root of other people’s anger. So what are people going to do about it? That’s a question for all of us.

So what does Upworthy and Better Human have in common? We agree - let's talk about meaningful stuff. Not what a celebrity's cat ate for breakfast. Let's talk about the deep, meaningful, life changing topics that will hopefully turn us into Better Humans. 

We want to know - how to be a better human? We're always on the hunt for more knowledge, information, stories on people doing amazing things. 

Upworthy, our hats go off to you. We love what you're doing.  

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