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9 tips on how to be a morning person.

Posted by Ronda Conger on
9 tips on how to be a morning person.
Do mornings sound absolutely dreadful? Do you want to stay in that cozy, sweet, warm bed, instead of getting your booty to the gym? 


It's understandable but we're not here to be understanding. We're here to push you. Push you to be better. The facts are out there - morning people are more successful. They've been known to make more money, be more productive, and live happier healthier lives. 


Now that 2016 is here - everyone's on the warpath to reach their goals and sending out all the tips on how to get there! Here are Michael Hyatt's tips to be morning person:
  1. Change your story. Say you're not a morning person - guess what, you're right! Say you are a morning person and start believing in it. 
  2. Determine what's at stake. If you don't get up, what will you miss? Finishing that project. Getting your workout in. What is it that's at stake for you? Find your why and don't forget it. 
  3. Plan your sleep. If you go to bed late, you'll wake up late. If you go to bed early, you'll wake up early. Pretty self-explanatory. 
  4. Use an alarm. But not next to your bed. Put it across the room so you have to get up to turn it off. 
  5. Turn on the lights. All of them. Don't let the darkness lure you back into bed. Simulate day time to get your nervous system to wake up. 
  6. Set your clothes out the night before. Whether they're work clothes, workout clothes, etc. The fewer decisions you have to make, the easier it is to follow through. 
  7. Drink a cup of coffee. Don't like coffee? Try tea! 
  8. Enlist an accountability partner. It takes courage and helps you follow through. 
  9. Commit to six weeks. Might sound long but that's the time it takes to make it a habit! 

Why not? Why not try to be a morning person? It's not going to hurt you. 

Better Human, it's about striving to be better. Will you strive with us?


*Read Michael Hyatt's full interview about being a morning person by clicking here

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