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The solution to conquering meditation!

Posted by CeCe Cheney on
The solution to conquering meditation!

We know. Meditation is a weird, scary, 'am I even doing this right' kind of thing. If it's not to you, then well done. Clearing your mind and thinking of nothing is harder than it sounds. However, with all of this technology and Google at our fingertips, there's an app out there to help you with anything! 

Ready to learn how to meditate? Try this - the Headspace app. Learn how to meditate just 10 minutes a day and watch the benefits pile up. 

The list of reasons why to meditate keep growing and growing. From relationships to stress reducer, creativity booster, and now this. It makes your brain younger. Yes! Check out this article from by Jessica Stillman, Want a Brain That's 7 Years Younger? 

Sounds strange but who doesn't want their brain in tip top shape? Scientists found that brains who meditated were 7.5 years younger than brains that didn't meditate. That means better memory, quicker to recall things and more. 

What are you waiting for? Go get your Headspace on and 'treat your head right'.

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