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What are you doing tonight?

Posted by Arielle Heinonen on
What are you doing tonight?

It's FriYAY. Whoops, we mean FRIDAY!

Time to party, let loose, get crazy! That's what all the rap songs say right? Our new favorite quote:

There aren't enough rap songs
about staying home on Friday night and saving your money.

So we're going to ask you to try something else this Friday... We've said it before, you've probably heard it too many times, but humor us!

Don't have plans tonight - let's do this.

What do you want RIGHT NOW? 

Now make your calendar reflect your goals.

Want to get in shape? Add exercise in. 

Want more time with the family? Set an appointment for when you need to leave work. 

Profound isn't it?

The universe is waiting to grant you your wishes, you just simply need to ask them!

**Recognize the art? Did you know this is in the Better Human book?!**

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  • Haley Burchett on

    Spent the entire weekend with the love of my life! We planned a getaway to a small town 2 hours south of where we live. Got a hotel room, vegggggged out in front of the tv and just relaxed. It was his birthday and I got him lots of fun presents. Ahhhh… Why does Monday have to come around? Oh yeah! Because magical things happen everyday so Monday has to come around, that’s right!!!!!!!!! Monday fun day! (Me trying to be positive about Mondays). Love my better human homies. Wishing you all well!

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