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23 Tips to prepare you for your first Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within seminar

Posted by Ronda Conger on
23 Tips to prepare you for your first Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within seminar


Headed to Tony Robbins in Dallas? If not, check it out here and then sign up for his next show. Here's why we love him... 
You may know him from a movie or two or maybe from one of his best-selling books, but this wasn't something you could read about. This was an experience. This was life changing. We're talking about the giant of a man with a booming voice that rattles your insides... Tony Robbins and his seminar, Unleash the Power Within. 
We're not the only ones who will tell you Tony is amazing, so if you're thinking about attending it, first off, DO IT!! Second, be sure to check out the 23 tips below to make the most of the event and your time there - you won't regret it! 


1) Come with an open mind.
2) Prepare to face your demons.
3) Prepare to tackle your biggest, hairy, huge goals. 
4) Prepare to dance your ass off. Even if you can't dance/hate to dance/have no legs... You will still want to dance.


5) You will be jumping for hours. Leave your stilettos at home. The only type of shoes you should be wearing are tennies/keds/flats.


6) Don't just bring snacks. Bring meals. I'm talking fruit, nuts, hummus, veggies, crackers, granola bars, etc. If you don't, prepare to race 7,000 other people to be in the front of the food line.


7) Get ready to be amazed. Tony Robbins is the real deal. He really is amazing. His story telling skills match no one else. His ability to take some random person in the crowd and solve their problem in 10 minutes is legit. It's incredible to watch. 


8) Tony won't be there every day due to vocal cords. This is okay because...


9) Joseph McClellan (his cohost) is spectacular. He's about as opposite from Tony as possible. as in an entire foot shorter than tony and black. He's hilarious and is living proof of how practicing what he preaches - the entire time we thought he was 40-45 yrs old. This dude is ripped and is 62!!!! Looking at him you almost don't believe it.


10) Be prepared to show up early and go long. Like 8 am to 2 am long. But rest assured it will go fast. As in entire hours gone that felt like they were 20 minutes. 


11) Fire walking is effing amazing. Yeah it's scary, no you won't be burned. You will be in the most amazing state of mind and you will storm through that fire LIKEABOSS. And you'll celebrate at the end. 



12) If you can, take your spouse/significant other. Unless they're lame (WHAT! Why would you be with someone lame???). Or you don't have one. It will save you lots of time explaining what you learned later. 


13) Tony cusses like a trucker. F bombs and all. It only adds to his legitimacy… don't be shocked.


14) Stay in the hotel nearest/connected to the convention center. This was by far our best move... So nice walking to your room rather than riding another half hour on a shuttle back to your hotel at 2 am. 


15) Subscribe to the text message service, it will be on a card you’ll receive when you register that morning. They use it to notify you when the sessions are about to start. (Extremely handy.)


16) Bring your parka. It's cold sometimes freaking cold. 


17) Prepare to massage people. As in standing up, massage trains, rubbing down strangers. Sounds weird. Feels absolutely rejuvenating when you’ve been in a seminar for 12 hours.


18) Scope out your surroundings. Know where the nearest bathroom is - or the secret bathroom upstairs that no one else knows about - so you don't have to wait in line when you've already been holding it for hours because you don't. want. to. miss. a. thing. 


19) Take advantage of the bonus sessions. My husband Sam went to the personal coaching session, sat in a chair that just happened to have a business card taped underneath, and was one of 1,000 people that won 3 free months of 1-1 coaching ($3,000 value). 


20) The morning of registration, be there AS SOON AS IT OPENS. Otherwise, you will be standing in a line of 7,000 people. No joke.


21) Don't be afraid to talk to some people. Volunteers there are a wealth of information about what's coming next and what to do. 


22) Tony has unstoppable energy. He goes strong for 13 hrs straight - no pee breaks, no food. I've never seen anything so crazy in all my days. 


23) Drink the kool aide. Be all in. Dance, scream, visualize. Show up on time and stay till the end. Get your money's worth. Do it! It's worth it. 

Don't forget to check out Tony Robbins here



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