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Better Human 21 Day Challenge:


  1. Sign up for Better Thinking at
  2. Send three thank you texts
  3. Watch You Won the Lotto by GaryVee :
  4. Pick one article on by Benjamin Hardy and read it
  5. Give out 8 hugs today
  6. Sign up for TUT:
  7. Red rubber band challenge - Put a red rubber band around your wrist. Any time you say something negative or have a negative thought, snap your band and remind yourself to talk and think positive. Up this challenge and do this with your team.
  8. Pay it forward day - give something, buy someone coffee, give a book, share a quote
  9. Practice gratitude: send three hand written thank you cards
  10. Smile at everyone today.
  11. Subscribe to The Ronda Conger Show Podcast
  12. Write down 5 affirmations over your life. I am healthy. I am prosperous.
  13. Take a day off of social media.
  14. Look for only the positive today.
  15. Download I am Exercise
  16. Turn anything with a screen off (tv,xbox,computer) tonight and read a book that fills your tank.
  17. Take a gratitude walk.  
  18. Audit the 5 people you spend the most time with.  Keep only those who love and support you.
  19. Have a coffee or meal with family or friend and leave your phone in the car. Be present.
  20. Say “so glad you’re here today”. To everyone; your spouse, your friends, your team, whoever you come in contact with.
  21. Listen or read YGF and share this challenge with a friend

Share your journey with us! @therondacongershow #betterhumanchallenge


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Love wins,