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4 Steps to Make Your Vision STICK!

Posted by Ronda Conger on
4 Steps to Make Your Vision STICK!

Your vision. It's everything to you, where you want to go, what you're going to do, who you're going to help along the way - but is it strong? Do people understand and most importantly remember your vision? 

Think, what would go undone if your company, division, team wasn't there. What problems would arise? What problems are you solving? Remember, YOU are the solution. 

Andy Stanley crushed it at Leadercast in Atlanta. No surprise there. Here are his proven steps to make your vision take you above and beyond:

  1. State it simply. How easy, right? This is the most important step. Paragraphs and sentences do not stick. Memorable is portable. You're describing what you will do, not how. Clarity around a vision will turn a job into more than just a pay check.
  2. Make it convincing. Do your people believe in the vision? Do they understand the problem that you are solving? Explain it to them. They come to work everyday to provide a service like none other - do they know that? Sell it. 
  3. Repeat it regularly. Repeat it regularly. Repeat it regularly. Got it?
  4. Celebrate it systematically. What's rewarded is repeated. Praise the good and let them do it over and over again!

A vision can make you. Make yours unforgettable. 

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  • Tim Schartung on

    Good reminder of how to make it stick.

    I would add to speak from the heart when sharing your vision. Leaders who care and can share that passion for why they do what they do, have an easier time of getting buy in and support.

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