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Don't read this... It might change your life!

Posted by Ronda Conger on
Don't read this... It might change your life!

You know the signs, 'don't touch', 'don't open', or the Mexican restaurants server sets down your plate and says 'don't touch, hot plate', yet you still have to feel it for yourself? recently posted this article, Don't Read This! (It's Only the Most Valuable Psychology Hack You Can Learn.)and we LOVE what it says. 

How many times do you focus on the negative, or think about failing? Do you say to yourself, 'don't mess up'? What's wrong with this simple saying - your brain latches on to the idea of you failing.

Now you're focused on it.

It's all you think about.

We can't comprehend the word don't. When you say, 'I don't want to fail', your brain now has a million different things to think about. Seems like a lot? That's because it is!

Here's where the problem lies... with all these possibilities, we focus on the one easy one, the one you've given it. The one you DIDN'T want to focus on, failing! 

Let's flip it. Instead of, 'I don't want to fail', try, 'I want to succeed'. 

Now you're feeding your brain the right kind of message. Now you'll latch onto success, not failure. Now you choose your destiny.

Stop thinking about the things you don't want and think about the things you do.You just might end up with all your dreams.





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