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Make your next book club a hit!

Posted by Ronda Conger on
Make your next book club a hit!

What would make your book club the best book club ever?

How about having the author of the book attend?!

Guess what... It's your lucky day!

Ronda loves, we mean LOVES, book clubs and wants to do one with you and 10 of your book clubbers!

Here's how it works, you and 10 of your friends purchase & read Better Human; It's a Full-Time Job and Ronda Conger (the author) will either Facetime/Google Hangout/Skype or crash your party in person for a live talk and Q&A session.

You in?

Make your book club one to remember! 

Contact us for more details -

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  • Jeff Holmes on

    RC is actually not Human!

    Quotes From RC:

    You have to show up people! Don’t be that person! You have to Love, Love, Love! You will never be able to manage unless you measure! OK, everybody open your book to chapter 4 and I better see stickies! I Love You All !!

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