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Unbalanced is okay!

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Ever feel like you're constantly unbalanced? Are you trying to balance yourself? What if being balanced shouldn’t be your main goal. It's time to WAKE UP & LIVE! Let’s put it in perspective… You have a passion, a dream, something that you eat, sleep, and think about constantly - why would you put that aside to focus on another part of your life? We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be healthy or leave your family behind - but shouldn’t you have a passion that has you jumping out of bed in the morning to pursue it? Randy Gage isn’t lying in his article The Lie of Balance:


There is not much you can’t accomplish if you have passion, intensity and urgency.  So let’s break that down…
You need a goal that excites you, pulls you toward it, and has you throwing the covers off the bed in the morning to pursue it.
You can be cool; you can’t be casual – you have to be intense.   
And finally, you have to be impatient!  Patience is a virtue in many situations.  Patience when pursuing success is simply an excuse for mediocrity.
Be impatient to live your passion, and pursue it with intensity.
Self-help speakers and authors talk about balance a lot.  They suggest all of the different areas of your life should be in balance.  You may have seen the “balance wheel” where you are supposed to draw out a circle and divide it into areas of your life (family, work, recreation, spirituality, etc.).  They suggest it should be round, with all the areas of equal importance.
That’s one of those quaint motivational things that sounds good, looks good, and looks good on paper – just doesn’t work in the real world.  Successful people in any endeavor make a conscious decision to get OUT of balance, whether for a day, a week or a season.
No one is ever in perfect balance, other than for a few fleeting seconds.  The successful people are the ones who are conscious about where they are out of balance.  They choose the areas and time to get out of balance.
When a loved one is ill or dying, they choose to get out of balance to spend more time with them.  When the championship game is coming up, they choose to devote more time to training.  When they’re launching a new business, they realize it will require extra time and dedication – which must come from some other area of their life.
Want to be successful at something in your life?  Decide where you need to get out of balance. 
– RG



Here at Better Human we do believe in focusing on all levels of your life, but don’t let that hold you back from putting forth all efforts towards one goal… That’s what being passionate is and we all know, that being a Better Human is a full time job. 

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