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Give LOVE!

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Married? Do you have friends? What about business partners? You must have said yes to one of these questions and if not, that's a separate issue... Anyhow, the article that we recently came across may be about marriage but all relationships can use some of the same tips to keep them alive and well. So, whether you’re married or not, here are a few lessons to keep in mind to better your relationships from the 7 Lessons that Surprised Me After 7 Years of Marriage:

  • You have to celebrate the good but remember the bad. There's a reason that we look to the past - so that we may learn and not repeat our mistakes. However, we should never dwell on the mistakes or live in regret.
  • Your quirks are what make you loveable. Everyone has their own strengths and faults. You can't prove that opposites attract nor that you should partner with someone exactly like you. What we do know is that the differences and quirks that make us different are why we love or work well with another. Remember to always play off their strengths and love them for their differences.
  • You were not meant to be alone. We're not saying that everyone must be married but we are here in this world to have friendships and relationships. As humans, we like to have social interaction and share our hardships or achievements with people we love. Don't forget that it's okay to need someone, it's human nature!

Don't forget to GIVE LOVE and have PASSION in your life with your marriage, work, or friends. To keep these things alive we have to continuously learn and practice things like the tips above, what will you do today to keep the passion going in your life?! We all know - being a Better Human is a continuous work in process. 

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