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How a paperclip can change your life.

Posted by Ronda Conger on


Sounds absurd, I know. A paperclip changing your life?? Get real!   

Checkout the article written by James Clear on habits:

This One Strategy Can Help You Stick With Your Good Habits Every Day

In 1993, a small bank in Abbotsford, Canada hired a 23-year-old stock broker named Trent Dyrsmid.

Dyrsmid was a rookie and nobody at the firm expected too much of his performance. Moreover, Abbotsford was still a relatively small suburb back then, tucked away in the shadow of nearby Vancouver where most of the big business deals were being made. The first popular email services like AOL and Hotmail wouldn’t arrive for another two or three years, so geography still played a large role in business success. And yet, despite his disadvantages, Dyrsmid made immediate progress thanks to a simple and relentless habit that he used each day.

On his desk, he placed two jars. One was filled with 120 paper clips. The other was empty. This is when the habit started.

“Every morning I would start with 120 paper clips in one jar and I would keep dialing the phone until I had moved them all to the second jar.”
—Trent Dyrsmid

And that was it. 120 calls per day. One paper clip at a time.

Within 18 months, Dyrsmid’s book of business grew to $5 million in assets. By age 24, he was making $75,000. Within a few years, outside firms began recruiting him because of his success and he landed a $200,000 job with another company.



Finish the article here and read how a paperclip can change your life!

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