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Do you have love in your life?

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Love. Such a simple word with a big meaning. But is it important to our lives? Does love make us better?

What if love could make us live longer? Maybe it's not just love, but how connected we feel to people.

Yes, health and diet are very important for longevity but Dr. Ben Kim writes in his blog, How Important Is Love To Your Health? , "there is one facet of life that ranks above all of these factors in determining wellness and longevity. The facet is the level of love and connectedness that we feel."

So how do we cultivate these feelings? Dr. Kim explains that expressing feelings and our true feelings rather than evaluations help increase communication. Through the communication you can increase the love in your life but only if you're willing to be involved and listen with compassion. This listening requires patience and commitment but has great returns. As Stephen Covey's habit number five, "Seek first to understand, then to be understood".

Love has started wars, been inspiration for great words, and now can help you live for longer days. So add love into your life and let the joy begin!

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