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Don't get caught.

Posted by Ronda Conger on

Don't get caught.

Don't get caught in believing that it's easy.

Yes, you hear it everywhere, "do what you love and you won't work a day in your life." But if you love something does that mean you'll be successful at it overnight? That it won't require you to work at it? What happens if someone tells you "no" or you don't make a sale - does that mean that you really don't love it because now it's hard and hard work? 

OR is it that even if you love what you're doing, sometimes it's still going to take work and hard work at that. Jon Acuff brings it home with this quote:

"Do what you love and you'll love the work you do."

Here at Better Human, we LOVE what we're doing but don't ever think that we don't work for it. We work for it everyday. The success doesn't come without the hard work. Read Jon Acuff's blog, A stupid lie I believed when I quit my last job. (And why you shouldn't believe it.). Trust us, if you're struggling at work or pursuing your dream - DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT. Jon's blog will cheer you right up because we must believe that with the struggle and fight comes great reward.


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