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What do you need most?

Posted by Ronda Conger on
What do you need most?

It's a near year, a new us, time for some new stuff. 

We need to know - what would you want to hear? It's time for the writing to start again, Ronda is tossing some ideas around...

Better Leader, Better Marriage, Better Business, Better Children... What do you need most?

What area of your life do you want to improve upon? 

We're taking orders... Comment below! 


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  • Shandra schira-erker on

    Business or leader

  • Beej and Strph on

    Yay for more books! Leadership, please!!

  • Neal Elliott on

    Hey Awesome Lady, I’m excited to hear you’re doing it again, what ever you decide if know it’s going to be great….p.s. love a book on business, I would like to know you’re thoughts.

  • Carissa Smith on

    Hi Ronda! ;) I’m sooooo excited you are writing another book! You are the highlight of my life and I’m looking forward to reading whatever you decide to write about! I love you!

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