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Are you worth following?

Posted by Ronda Conger on
Are you worth following?

Are you worth following? 

If I had the opportunity to spend the day with you, what would that look like? Would I be inspired, would I be excited, would I be jacked? Would I want to work really hard? How would I handle issues and problems?

Your employees or the people under you are spending a large chunk of their day with you. Is that a blessing for them or are they watching the clock until they can go home?  

How does it feel to work with you or be apart of your company? Are you and your company doing good things for the community and employees? Be aware of how people feel. Be concious of their emotions and what they think of working with you and for you.

As you drive to work or are walking into your office, ask yourself, "am I worth following"? That's all your team is asking as well. 

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