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Friday LOVE Day with Ronda Conger

Posted by Ronda Conger on
Friday LOVE Day with Ronda Conger

What day is it?


Not only that but it's also the beginning of the LOVE MONTH. In case you didn't know, I LOVE TO LOVE and may have a tattoo of #lovewins. Not really but if I got a tattoo, that'd be it!

It's Friday Love Day and I want to share with you my five current favorites. What I'm jamming, loving and is making my life that much better. 

My Friday Fave 5:

darren daily on-demand podcast1. DARREN HARDY and his new podcast, Darren Daily On-Demand. Don't be shocked he's first on the list! I fill my tank with these quick snippets everyday and invite you to do the same! Do it, CLICK HERE and subscribe.
2. Power of a Positive Team and Power of Positive Leadership by Jon Gordon. We recently got to hear Jon speak and WOW. I'm in awe! He gets to hang with champions AND writes best selling books that help you grow. If you haven't read these yet, add them to your list. 
ronda conger friday love day favorite project evo 3. Project EVO, A new, fun brain type test! Head over to their website and take a super quick brain type test, click here. After you receive your brain type, checkout the journals they've designed just for you. It's fantastic. For example, I'm an architect, my journal is based around structure. I'm digging it and it's on Amazon, YES!! Find the journals HERE.
ronda conger friday love day favorite the giving key4. The Giving Key. Not only is it for a good cause but they look amazing too. Give it to your friends, spouse, BFF, or co-worker! Proceeds help create employment opportunities for people transitioning out of homelessness. 
headspace app for meditation ronda conger favorite5. Headspace App. Most powerful things you can do is get control of your mind. People who meditate have a competitive advantage of those who don't.... SAY WHAT?! Yes. After that, checkout This Works Stress Check Roll On. I love it and carry it with me. 


Enjoy your Friday Love Day and the 5 things I'm loving on right now. Be sure to comment and tell us what you're loving right now! 

Catch more from me on my podcast about Friday Love Day. Listen here:


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